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What is football bowling?

Two teams of two players each, face off as they aim to knock down all ten regulation-size bowling pins by throwing a football toward their opponent's set of bowling pins at an agreed upon distance.  Teammates throw a football at their opponent's bowling pins from the same side of lanes rather than pitching from opposing sides, as they do in the bean bag toss tailgate game. The bowling pins are arranged on a lane in the standard 10-pin bowling configuration and each team takes turns attempting to knock down the other team's bowling pins. The first team to knock down all of their opponent's pins wins the frame. The first team to win three frames wins, in an official match.


About us

We are just a couple of washed-up ball players who crave being outside, throwing some things around for a good time. Alex, a metro Detroit native, saw this beautiful game emerging in and around his hometown. When he moved to Canada, he saw a Canadian summer culture of fun-loving outdoors folks who would surely love football bowling at any place with space to do so. Travis, one of those Canadian summer-loving folks, and Alex played baseball together for the Guelph Gryphons. Travis helped Alex develop the plan to spread the love of football bowling and the rest is history. Find Alex & Travis at an OFB event or reach out to info@ontariofootballbowling.com to share whatever thoughts are on your mind.




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Shhhhh. Don’t tell the others but we enjoy brewery events the most. Bringing friends together who like craft brews as much as we do? Count us in. Stick us out back with your shipments of your locally sourced hops and barley.

Summer festivals

Is your city hosting a rib fest? Beer fest? Carnival with food and fun involved? If you think the people attending will enjoy throwing a football at some bowling pins, we think you’re right.

Food trucks

Post up with some [insert food your truck sells] and try and knock down some pins. These Peyton Manning-wannabes are gonna need to refuel with your truck’s deliciousness.

Company Team Building

Nothing brings a team together better than some friendly competition (that isn’t hitting sales quotas). Show Dave from marketing that maybe his high-school football days are in the past.

wEdding parties

This game was made for Stag & Doe’s and reception parties. We bring our lanes to you so you can just enjoy. As if you didn’t have enough to plan, amiright.

birthdaY parties

Whether you are 6 or 60, you’re going to have a good time throwing a football at some bowling pins. We deliver our lanes wherever you are, so just order your cake and, BOOM, party planned.



The best mash-up since fries and cheese curds
— miscellaneous FM radio host

Warmer than curling
— Connor F

The closest you’ll be to being Tom Brady without having a supermodel wife
— Ashley M