ontario football bowling


Your questions answered

How many lanes do I need?

That depends on a few things. Is OFB The main attraction? How big is your space? How many people will be attending?

If you have a few other things going on at your gathering, 1 lane should be plenty. With that said, if you have lots of friends (i.e. 50+ people) two might be a good idea. For a fundraiser, more lanes means more opportunities to support your cause!

how much space do i need?

Official rules state that lanes must be placed 48 feet from end to end. Typically, we place them according to the space, about 36 feet from end to end at the shortest. We take player skill level into account. Think your standard driveway length. Half width of a hockey rink. Now we’re speaking your language.

i’m running a fundraiser. How does the game change in this setting?

Standard Football Bowling games always draw a crowd. We recommend a “best 2 outta 3” frames approach. Each lane would be occupied by up to 4 people for approximately 15-20 minutes using this approach. For a quicker turnover rate, you can have participants try 3 throws per paid attempt. Not as easy as they thought! Someone who knocks all pins down in their attempts can be in a winner’s lottery pool for a free t-shirt/hat/widget of choice. A win/win!

We deliver! Even better, its included in the rental price. You have more important things to worry about.

How do I get my football bowling lanes?

We operate on a first come, first served basis. While we have multiple lanes to be divided up on any given day, holidays and weekends are most popular so take that into consideration when planning your event.

How far in advance do I need to reserve my lanes?